Reinvention Coaching

I am a Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation and trained with the Coaches Training Institute based in San Rafael, California. This Reinvention Coaching is based on the Co-Active Coaching Model which uses four pillars to guide our journey together.

1)  People are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole; you have all that you need to create the change you seek

2) The focus is on the whole person; our work together is not done in isolation of whatever else is going on in your life.  You are an interconnected being where all parts of you impact all of the other parts of you.

3) Evoke transformation; our work together is not about becoming a better caterpillar; it is about becoming a butterfly.  You will transform into the person you always wanted to become.

4) We will dance in the moment; whatever is going on with you at the moment is what is most important.  We will still achieve your desired goal and we will use whatever is presenting itself in that moment as part of your journey.


I will support the highest and best in you.  It starts with meeting you where you are and addressing what is right in front of you.  You will learn new ways of thinking, imagining your desired future and identifying what’s at stake if you don’t move in a new direction.  We will discover your strengths, talents, and gifts and co-create a plan that will take you in a new direction.  Here is a diagram of our journey.


The Benefits of Learning Leader Coaching

  • Sense of purpose,
  • Goals  achieved
  • More confidence
  • Clear self-knowledge
  • Positive change and well-being
  • More of what you want

My Inspiration:  I  dedicate my coaching practice to my mentor  and long-time dear friend, Dr. Antonia Pantoja, who reminded me I could do whatever I put my mind to and often said, “Who Says and Why Not!”

Dr. Pantoja was a learning leader and she began her professional life as a teacher in the hills of Puerto Rico, moved to New York City during the war with very little money and a card board suitcase. She became an inspiration to all who knew her and was  a nationally known and inspiring community organizer, social worker and educator, launching a leadership program for young people called ASPIRA, founding the first accredited Spanish speaking university in NYC, creating home-grown wealth creation enterprises in poor communities and later in life receiving  the Presidential Medal of Freedom at a White House ceremony from President Clinton.

Dr. Antonia Pantoja teaching of self knowledge and community responsibility
Dr. Antonia Pantoja

Throughout her life, she passionately believed in young people and inspired them to achieve their dreams and to the end was a curious and wondrous community builder.  She is my role model because she showed me how to be a brave woman and to use my gifts, talents, and skills so that I may be of service to the planet.

I am guided by Toni’s principles:

  •  Never live a “lukewarm life”
  •  Everything flows from self-knowledge
  •  Be your best so you can build your community
  •  Be curious
  •  Be open to change and new ideas
  •  Leadership means constant learning

Don’t live a “lukewarm life”, let’s find your spark!

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