Creative Meeting Design & Facilitation

Break-through ideas in changing times!


I search for the “root cause of success” in organizations and use them to jumpstart solution finding sessions.  This information is the basis for designing creative, engaging gatherings (meetings) not dependent on PowerPoint slides

Instead of focusing on “problem-solving” I focus on “solution finding” and this changes the energy in the room and gets everyone involved and energized.  Participants quickly discover the power of generative thinking which leads to new ideas.

I am adept at facilitating large and small groups with thoughtful agendas, structure, and space for creativity and processes that get all voices in the room.

But the work does not stop at generating lots of good ideas, I  capture the work of the group and prepare a document that becomes the basis for workgroups who begin the implementation of those good ideas with the support of the Executive Sponsor.

I also provide executive coaching, team coaching, and implementation support if needed.

This illustration shows what is gained when moving into the art of “solution finding.”

Problem Solving-Solution Finding





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