Catherine Tornbom, Manager, Center for Community Dialogue & Training

The ability to use the power of story to see other points of view is essential in shifting the paradigm from fear and conflict to one of possibility and inclusion. I asked Deborah to speak to a statewide meeting of the Arizona Association of Conflict Resolution of which I was a board member. She presented a compelling workshop on the essentials of Appreciative Inquiry and how its principles can be applied in conflict resolution and everyday life. I highly recommend Deborah as a speaker for your group. You will walk away inspired to act.

Anthony Young, Esq. Southern Arizona Legal Aid, Inc.

Southern Arizona Legal Aid, Inc., has been providing free civil legal aid to low income Arizonans since 1951. Over the years the organization has faced and overcome many challenges, but none like the most recent with – challenges to program funding, a multi-generational workforce, and retiring institutional knowledge. Deborah designed and facilitated our annual All Hands Staff meeting with staff from different geographical areas.  She gave us the skills and the tools we need to remain positive, productive and resilient during these uncertain times. Deb was patient, listened to staff stories, and offered insight on how the organization might accomplish goals. The outcome of that training has led to a more cohesive organization where employees work together with mutual respect and optimism about the organizations future.
Thanks Deb.

Dale Bell, Division Director National Science Foundation, Washington D.C.

Deborah is a skilled professional with a broad array of innovative tools and techniques for helping clients achieve results. I had the good fortune of working with Deborah while at SRA Touchstone Consulting. 3 days prior to a 2-day conference on IT standards that I was facilitating, I came down with flu. Deborah quickly stepped in, organized the sessions around appreciative inquiry, and facilitated the conference. Her approach yielded tangible agreements around government-wide standards, and what could have been a disaster turned into a productive 90 person conference. Deborah is an active continuous learner and works with numerous organizations that strive to turn theory into practice in organizational development and design.

Reed Waller, Program Manager Justice Management Div. DOJ

Ms. Maher was the key creative thinker and expert implementer of my organization’s strategic planning and implementation process. Thanks to her moving and shaking us, we have experienced tremendous shifts in a positive direction. With her assistance, we have created a continuously learning organization that values and engages its staff, where our staff realizes that leadership resides at all levels of the organization. Staff now exhibit increased initiative, innovation, and follow-through, and this has created improved service for our customer organizations and has increased our organizational flexibility to respond to changing demands. Ms. Maher is highly recommended.

Joan Wangler, MCC, MS, MEd

Deborah has a huge talent for delivering bottom line results that are refreshingly creative, invigorating and meaningful. I have found her to be a great collaborator on many projects. I highly recommend her work in appreciative inquiry, organizational strategy and executive coaching.

Richard Birkel, Ph.D. Executive Director Catholic Charities of Oregon

Deb Maher is a remarkable facilitator with the ability to rapidly move a group vision forward for any group. Her innate talents as a facilitator are bolstered by great attention to preparation (understanding pre-history, goals and obstacles), expert use of appreciative inquiry, and her wonderful wit and humility. I have had the opportunity to work with Deb at two different companies – National Council on Aging in Washington, DC and Catholic Charities of Oregon. In both cases, she facilitated all-day visioning sessions with diverse stakeholders and high expectations which she easily met and exceeded. She is methodical, expert, prepared and fun. I highly recommend Deb to any organization – big or small – seeking greater engagement and collaboration and looking for a path forward.

John Morgan, CEO Chinook Institute

Deborah has been a valued instructor and participant in the Chinook Institute programs. Recently we produced a class which Deborah led entitled, “Think Differently, Lead Differently; Create Concrete Outcomes for Your Organization. I enjoyed being both the host and a participant in the class, which received high evaluation scores from the participants. I am impressed with the strategic planning work she does for clients and look forward to working with her in both the teaching and planning realms in the future.


David Gerhart Consultant, Realtor.

Over the years, Deb and I have intersected on a wide range of topics and issues of mutual concern. It’s hard to miss that her perspective is deeply anchored in her care for people. I know that the methods she practices work because I’ve witnessed the same or similar processes work in organizations of all scales.

Take her to coffee. You’ll be blessed and surprised to experience how she’s able to intuitively cut to the chase with a mentor’s gentle touch for pointing out the truth.