Interim NonProfit Exec. Director

 If your nonprofit organization is going through a transition, I can serve as your Interim E.D. to give your organization breathing room so the board and staff can thoughtfully consider your future needs.

I bring a thorough understanding of nonprofit operations, staff development, infrastructure development, and board governance training. I have consulted with a wide range of nonprofits and served as an Interim E.D.

As an interim E.D. I am not part of your organization’s past or your future and have no agenda. I serve as a steward for your organization and help you reach the next chapter with time to reflect on where the organization is going.  I can address immediate challenges while working with the board and staff to create a strategic framework, and set the stage so the next executive director will be successful.

I assist in the search process for the new permanent E.D. by preparing a job description, supporting a search committee, providing input as requested and once a selection is made, I assist in onboarding the permanent E.D.


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