Inclusive Strategic Planning

Positive Change Starts When All Voices Are Heard

Gaining everyone’s ideas provides new insights, ideas and buy-in for positive organizational change.  Effective strategic planning engages “the whole system” and requires executive leaders who actively support the process, and are visible and committed to hearing real solutions from people who are closest to the action.

I offer a proven, creative and engaging approach that gets all voices in the room and delivers concrete and timely outcomes.  The work is based on identifying the critical challenges facing an organization and working with a leadership team to design a compelling topic or “fateful” question that will stimulate whole group possibility thinking.

Creative Meeting

An example of an organizational summit

Typically an organizational summit is designed to gather input from the entire organization with the results being themed and prioritized.  Often unexpected ideas percolate and inform the design of a strategic framework.   A leadership team uses the rich data that is gathered at a summit to create a strategic framework in several leadership team workshops.  The Strategic Framework is comprised of:

 Mission StatementDefines the work the organization does

VisionA compelling and inspiring statement that says where the organization is going

Core Values; The common beliefs that the organization aspires to and clear understandings of the behaviors that make it visible

Value Proposition; The “core” why this organization exists.  This is what gives the organization its reason for being and goes beyond what the organization does.

Organizational Priorities Define what the organization will invest in to achieve its vision and mission

Strategic InitiativesGroupings or “buckets” that contain similar programs (ongoing activities) or projects (time limited activities with a beginning, middle, end).  Senior leaders define success factors for evaluating the effectiveness of Strategic Initiatives.

Projects;  Project Teams  work with Strategic Initiative Leads to define specific projects that will bring the Strategic Initiatives to life.

 The Strategic Framework; How it all fits together

How it all fits together

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