Exceptional Boards Make for Exceptional Organizations

Even in challenging times when organizations seem overwhelmed, it is possible to move beyond constraints by asking new questions, creating a new vision for working together and generating actionable outcomes. By shifting the focus from problem-solving to solution-finding, new energy is ignited, and people gather around topics that matter most to them while being aligned in a common strategic direction.

If you think your board is ready to work in new and creative ways, I would love to partner with you on your transformational journey.

Benefits to Nonprofit Boards
Board members become stronger ambassadors for the organization in the community
•Increased levels of trust, interaction, and engagement among board members
•Aligned vision for the future
•An ability to engage in “generative” board discussions that leads to innovative solutions
•A stronger organization, staff feel and know that the board supports their work
•Increased community support, people want to be part of successful organizations
•High- caliber and representative members of the community
•Increased resources!

A New Paradigm
When we shift the focus from “what’s wrong” to “what’s right” and ask questions of possibility, new solutions arise. This approach moves people away from “fixing and blaming” to “inspiring and creating”. The first approach separates and leads to communication breakdowns and the second approach brings people together so they can build on each other’s strengths and often create greater than expected outcomes.

Problem Solving-Solution Finding

Frequent Board Requests
Organizational resources might be declining, a vision may not be as compelling as it once was, leading board members to feel less committed and passionate about the cause. I often receive requests to:
• Enhance personal connections among board members
• Create a compelling forward-looking vision in support of the mission of the organization
• Gain clarity about board and staff responsibilities and roles
• Gain a shared understanding of the elements of a high-performing board
• Move forward in a more energized and exciting way

My Approach
When Boards are muddled, they are not exceptional. I work with boards and staff to help them discover their strengths and the things that are already working. I guide them through an engaging process that builds relationships and trust, encourages new thinking and gains commitment to co-create a new vision with strategies for making it a reality. As a certified Board Governance Trainer with BoardSource, I put boards on the path to becoming exceptional.

I am adept at conducting organizational assessments, meeting with the executive directors and staff, board presidents and board members to co-create meeting designs and facilitate lively outcome-oriented gatherings on visioning, governance best practices, strategic planning, relationship building, and organizational commitment.

My board retreats are highly engaging and successful, and I plant seeds of possibility and excitement. I give boards and seniors leaders tools and techniques they can use immediately to begin transforming their organizations. The ability for boards and staff to begin to work in new ways is counterculture in a world that is mostly about fixing what is wrong instead of seeing what is right and building on it. My work promotes a different way of being in the world and requires practice and consistency in asking new questions. Now is the time to re-imagine new possibilities because nonprofits are key players in shifting how communities see themselves.

Success Factors
Client provides:
-Sponsorship and support
-Information and conversations as needed to develop meetings and support services as needed
-All meeting logistics including space, tech support, flip charts, food
-All outreach and communication with participants
-Staff to assist in capture retreat proceedings and prints resource materials
Consultant provides:
-Meeting design and development
-Facilitation services
-Projector and laptop
-Resource materials
-Documentation of the meeting including Summary Report including next steps

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