How I work

A Strength-based Approach Informs My Work                                        I work to find the “root cause of success” in individuals who work with me as a coach and organizations who work with me as a consultant.  My underlying framework is based on Appreciative Inquiry created at the Weatherhead School of Business by David Cooperrider Ph.D.   It is an approach that is internationally used by cutting-edge thinkers.

By defining strengths, creating a compelling vision of the future, designing plans to achieve it and doing it….. clients move from incremental problem solving to generative solution finding.   The shift in focus energizes clients with a sense of possibility with concrete outcomes and a plan for achieving them.Problem Solving-Solution Finding                                   My Process

  • Meet with executive sponsor to determine what is being requested, the desired outcomes for an engagement and most importantly, the level of commitment to a change process with a willingness to be visible, engaged and accessible during our work together.
  • Some sample questions for an executive sponsor:
    • What is driving this request?
    • What would success look like for you?
    • What is your timeframe?
    • What is at stake if we succeed in achieving the desired outcome? and if we don’t?
    • Who are the positive “spark plugs” in your organization?
    • Are you willing to work with teams to implement creative solutions that come from this engagement?
  • Design a Scope of Work including expectations, agreements, timelines, deliverables, and fees.
  • Complete a Letter of Engagement
  • Conduct an organizational assessment based on qualitative data obtained from Appreciative Conversations with staff members, clients, and stakeholders. (This work can also be done with staff member teams who learn the methodology and become internal resources to the organization.)
  • Prepare a Findings Report
  • Use the Findings Report to refine the Scope of Work and to create a high-level project plan to be approved by the Executive Sponsor.
  • The work can take several paths; the creation of a strategic plan, work plans guided by organizational priorities or specific functions or tasks that need to be addressed immediately.

NOTE: Ongoing communication is maintained with the Executive Sponsor and Program Manager throughout the engagement.