John Morgan, CEO Chinook Institute

Deborah has been a valued instructor and participant in the Chinook Institute programs. Recently we produced a class which Deborah led entitled, “Think Differently, Lead Differently; Create Concrete Outcomes for Your Organization. I enjoyed being both the host and a participant in the class, which received high evaluation scores from the participants. I am impressed with the strategic planning work she does for clients and look forward to working with her in both the teaching and planning realms in the future.


David Gerhart Consultant, Realtor.

Over the years, Deb and I have intersected on a wide range of topics and issues of mutual concern. It’s hard to miss that her perspective is deeply anchored in her care for people. I know that the methods she practices work because I’ve witnessed the same or similar processes work in organizations of all scales.

Take her to coffee. You’ll be blessed and surprised to experience how she’s able to intuitively cut to the chase with a mentor’s gentle touch for pointing out the┬átruth.