The Power of Web Presence

I just went live with my spiffy new website, but this is more than a website, it is my web presence. With guidance from my wonderful IT teacher and friend, David Gerhart, I am claiming my own cyberspace power. I control all of my content, the look and feel of my branding and best of all I can upload posts, photos, and videos in real time myself. (In fact I am writing this post on my IPhone while I drink a cup of tea still in bed.)…, the point is…. I can stay present through my website which is automatically linked to a new DFM Consulting FB page, Linked In and Twitter all at the same time.
As women business owners it is especially important to de-mystify all of this IT stuff and to take our power back. Connection, information and presence is more than having a website to go along with a business card… I will be writing more about this and the power of connecting.