Learning Leader Series

Discover the Power of Positive Change

       Open New Doors for Your Organization!     Become a  Learning Leader

Four-part Learning Leader Series takes participants on a journey moving from lineal “problem solving” to  holistic “solution finding” informed by the strength-based model of Appreciative Inquiry.

Flexible Program designed for a range of settings including small teams, organizational departments, cross organizational collaborative efforts and community impact endeavors in support of new public policy initiatives.

Benefits: Participants gain a whole new framework for living life in a new way personally, within organizations, and within communities.  They leave with new tools and techniques that can be used immediately, a renewed sense of possibility, enhanced connections and higher levels of trust and collaboration.   This results in more productivity, flexibility and stronger commitments to the mission of the organization.

1.   A New Paradigm; Learn a New Framework and Experience the Difference

2.  Team Cohesiveness; Discovering the Strengths of Your Team

3.  The Art of Collaboration; Do More Than Perform, Transform!

4.  Meeting Design and Facilitation; Learn How to Bring Out the Best in Others

(NOTE: The Learning Leader Series is complimented by Learning Leader Coaching for individuals and teams so that positive change sticks.)


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