Workshop Offerings

Discover the Power of Positive Change
       Open New Doors for Your Organization!     Become a  Learning Leader

Flexible Workshop Design  for a range of settings including small teams, organizational departments, cross organizational collaborative efforts and community impact endeavors in support of new public policy initiatives.

Benefits: Participants gain a whole new framework for living life in a new way personally, within organizations, and within communities.  They leave with new tools and techniques that can be used immediately, a renewed sense of possibility, enhanced connections and higher levels of trust and collaboration.   This results in more productivity, flexibility and stronger commitments to the mission of the organization.

1.   Appreciative Inquiry; Activating the Best People Have to Offer

2.  The Impact of Status and the Power of Presence 

3.  Trust Building and the Power of Conversations Worth Having

4.  Effective Meeting Design and Facilitation Skill Building

5. Navigating the ChangeCycle; Moving from Freak-Out to Engagement

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