Think Differently About Your Organization!

How many people in your organization are engaged and excited by the work they do? Do they see meaning and purpose in their work?  Are they productive and innovative?  Do they think strategically and see the interconnections between team members and departments and the larger eco-system of your organization and beyond?

If you need to re-think how your organization is functioning and you want to bring out the best in your staff, we can co-create a new future together.Deb 11-2018 (2)

I work with  organizations using  strength-based methodologies  including Appreciative Inquiry among others.  I help people develop  positive organizational cultures, processes, strategies and implementation plans designed to encourage curiosity, creative thinking and new ways of working.  I lead clients to higher levels of engagement, transparent communication, increased commitment, more productivity and cutting-edge ideas that keep organizations on the forefront of change.   

Offerings include:
Organizational Assessments                                                                                Strategic Planning and Implementation Support                                                    Leadership Coaching                                                                                                      Team Building and Interpersonal Communications                                              Meeting Design and Facilitation                                                                      LeadershipTraining

Give me a call and let’s create a compelling vision, improve staff morale, ignite engagement and enhance organizational leadership at all levels.

Why wait?

                                             Give me a call me today!                                                                                             Deborah Maher, President                                               240-441-3399

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