Hold the Vision!

The world is quickly changing in ways we could not have imagined. Who would have ever thought that a microscopic virus could transform everything, our whole world!

The business world is turned upside down, we have to relate to each other while socially distancing, we may take risks to travel (or not), our sense of safety is disrupted (can we keep from being exposed), and we are all experiencing unertainty and just don’t know how long it will last. Most of us are feeling isolated and looking for ways to be creative to prevent depression, but we are getting weary. And then there are those who completely disregard all of this “fake” virus stuff and don’t wear masks or take any precautions to protect themselves and others, thus prolonging our national crisis.

All of this is compounded by an incompetent president with a private malitia dressed up like soldiers invading cities to prevent “civil unrest” as an excusee for bullying and intimidating citizens so they can not exercise their Constitutional right to protest. We are seeing our Constitution shredded everyday.

Any yet….I see a different and positive future. All that we see “out there” is showing us what we don’t want so we can speak up clearly for what we DO want. We have an opportunity to re-imagine our collective future. If we focus on going “back” to revive the status quo we are falling behind. We can not afford to do this, not now! We have this opportunity for global transformation, we can make a new and better world and we can call on our better angels.

I hold a vision for a better future and celebrate the diversity of the crowds standing for justice with the Black Lives Matter movement. I am more encouraged than ever and know we are all joined together in one way or another to transform the past and move forward.

Let’s all hold the vision for our country and the world!

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